A fine, fine day

New perspective

We close out July with an exuberant “excellent” from the Doc’s surgical assistant. Yay!

I’ll be elevating my foot a bit more, as swelling persists…I think as it was bound to. The incision looks great (her opinion), and I’m re-bandaged (as you can see), and working at refining an overwhelming zen mental state.

My partner in all this took me on a wee circuitous route to celebrate, as we returned to the house. I could see that everything is green green green, so that I wonder if we will see the typical August browning.

In short, I’m buoyed and pretty darned happy.

And I’ve binge-watched an entire season of the British Baking Show in two days…yeah, we already saw it, but it was some time ago. Why? Because entremets. And custard. And meat pies. And…chocolate, sugar, butter…ah, flavorful world.

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