Stepping (heh) forward

More borrowed furniture

I have acquired another loaned/temporary item to further disrupt our household. This massage (?) table is now resident in the dining room, and my plan is to climb aboard thrice daily and do sets of stretches and strengthening moves suggested by my wise, experienced, and generous neighbor, the biomechanics specialist. Right now, I am concentrating on ankle movement (toes toward nose—VERY gently), stretching back of leg, and strengthening subtle muscles in hips and upper leg that are necessary for walking and are best when in balance on both sides.

All this is possible because I have the “soft” boot, and no longer am restricted by the cast. Around the house, I don’t use the boot; it’s a night-time appliance. It is bulky and ill-fitting, but does protect the foot from bumping and the wrong movement. However, I could design several other items that could do the same with far more comfort and ease. But this is what I have and…recovery is my goal!

Working on it!

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