Inside ankle

Inside of ankle…no tips from surgical team on skin care….

Today is seven weeks from surgery.

Two days ago I began to get my toes prepared to walk again…toes are important to walking/the gait, especially the hallux (aka big toe). My toe awakening is beginning with mostly manual manipulation, and a teensy bit of me actively moving them—teensy because the brain is slow to catch on.

I see the surgeon next in two weeks.

BTW, the bill for the surgery/followup is already in excess of $30K, almost all of which (so far), insurance is paying. BIG yay for the ACA.

Also, millimeter-stones are metric milestones.


  1. kayak woman says:

    That skin thing. Remembering my first shower with a bare arm after Titanium Pinky received her little screw and how good it felt to exfoliate all that old dead skin!

  2. Maureen says:

    Yesterday I had ANTH 101 students do an exercise I do each semester–pretend you are writing a manual on how to stand and walk to an australopithecine. Then we enact their attempts (to much hilarity) which brings home the multiple facets of walking, and I always emphasize the big toe. My double bunionectomy in 1987 brought the importance of that home to me, when I had to re-learn to walk.

    Which is to say, good luck. I got nothing for you on skin care 🙂