Scientific study (kinda)

Turquoise grape maybe

We returned to do our outdoor locale again, this time to make the Full Loop (and not the partial we did the other day). And a bit more. I also wanted to top up my Vitamin D.

Activity Device #1 indicated I did 1500 steps (‼️). Activity Device #2 indicated a super 2K steps. Before the foot thing, I notice #1 gave more than #2. Consistently. What does it mean that now #2 shows more steps?

My gut feeling is that #2 registers my strange crutch-walking gait better than #1. And #1 excels at normal walking (“steps”).

Reveal: #1 is my aging Fitbit One; #2 is my iPhone health app (comes with phone aka “camera”).

BTW: if I have to replace my Fitbit (), I’m leaning toward the Nokia Steel…especially the not-yet-available model, the Steel HR (meaning heart rate). The downside is that it has the watch confirmation…so different than my present clips-on-my-underwear model (which I kinda like). TMI?

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  1. Anne Regenstreif says:

    What kind of berries are those? I’ve never seen turquoise berries before.