Turtle moves

Turtle day turtles

Turtle day. Which means I saw the surgeon. Fifteen weeks since surgery.

Major new activity permission. I am now allowed to wean from crutches and boot. Yay! And I don’t see the surgeon again for three months. Yay! I can walk, but no running and no weight-stress on foot (e.g., “those kinds” of sports). And these are the rules until I see the surgeon again.

Autumn mater

I’m pretty ready to put down the crutches, for the most part. So I did as we went off and did errands after the double appointments of surgeon and PT. Shopping stop one and two. And into the house. To rest the affected limb, before….

As the day wore on, we did one more errand run—I wore the boot and leaned on the Guru a bit in the parking lot…. Now, tired, tired foot. But I’m happy to teach ankle, knee, and other parts the old tricks they used to excell at.

Foot…tired. And Sammy happy! And using crutches this evening to help tired foot/body get around….

Hey, that tomato…the sum total of the produce that remains in the wee garden…that’s really a few plants.


  1. jcb says:

    Also of course, no hopping! So take that bunny suit off.

  2. Sammy says:

    Darn…okay, it’s off.