Clock setting

Clo means clock. The complicated process of setting the clock on the new appliance!* Yay! New range!

Chili new stove

NewStove’s first dish: chili! Yay! Loving the 18,500 BTU wide-framed burner. Yay!

Yucca d yard

And for a more organic photo: yucca! Yay!

* The Guru does not set the microwave; I’m tickled he will set the range. I’m also hoping he can set whatever needs to be set after a power hit, as a quick perusal of the Owner’s Manual suggests it’s more than the clock. Or maybe I read it wrong. Stranger things have happened. BTW, I’m calling the range retro because: no bluetooth. Heh.

One comment

  1. dave l. says:

    Good looking new range. Is it LG brand? Dials look like ours. Long center burner great for pancakes. Enjoy!