Odd bits

Commuter train

Elevated commuter train construction underway. The current discussion is about what amount the fare should be.

Tunnel view

Crossed the old wall of an ancient volcanic crater, pierced by a pair of tunnels. This is the view out the other side from the second one.

Showershoe hoops

We stopped at a small, out-of-the-way, neighborhood park. The young man in the red shirt is shooting hoops while wearing shower shoes. Tough!

It is customary for large groups relocate to the park for the day on this island. Many have large, elaborate tent and chair and table and more set-ups. Note the kiddie pool under the tent-roof included in these peoples’ Saturday temporary village.

Mystery red bird

Meanwhile…on the other side of the park we spotted this colorful bird on the ?little-used? pitcher’s mound.

Surfboard fence

And behind the backstop on one side was the ocean, and the other a fence of spent surf boards. With a coconut palm overseeing all.

Surfer biker

Later, we found mister surfer-biker. Livin’ the good life.

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