Water gizmo guts

Auto water meter

I wonder how many meter-reader jobs dried up when these were installed across the city? At least I’m pretty sure this is the dark side of an automated water meter that broadcasts pertinent info somehow to…¿passing trucks? ¿low-flying drones? I dunno that part…. Anyway, I find it’s rare that I see the underbelly of these contraptions.


  1. Jay says:

    Ours report via cell phone to a repeater/collector bit. Our “meter readers” have become meter technicians, and are actually joining with our water operations crew. They are not driving around reading meters for sure. Most of the questions are being answered by our telephone customer service reps. But we can tell you if you have a leak (water running over some minimum amount for 95 hours straight). Depending on the size of the leak you get a letter/email, phone call or personal visit. But this beats finding out after 2 months of water leaking and a huge water bill. And – you can set your own leak alerts or just use level alerts….

  2. Sammy says:

    Ah, Jay, thanks for the many insights…I had not heard about the leak-monitoring aspect, but it makes total sense (duh!).