Probability bites

My app indicated 50% chance of rain, but I thought it was clear out the window. I walked anyway. Blithly. When the rain really kicked up I took refuge under a big, spreading oak. I was protected for a while, but the rain eventually worked its way through the leaves and branches. I did not realize that this oak was in a local low-spot. Yes, the curb had substantial drains, but so much water came down that even the middle of the street was covered with a couple of inches of water. I saw no cats. I saw no dogs. I don’t know how that saying came about.

Soon, of course, the rain slacked off so I returned to my route. Since I was walking on a sidewalk below houses, they had drains shooting brown water onto the…sidewalk. And driveways, the same. And the water was still coming, although the precip was not. Squish squish.

And, not long later, if I looked the right direction, the sky appeared positively innocent.

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