Capital improvements

I discovered this Big Green Pump a week ago. It must be quite a project, as now there are more pipes stacked and additional barriers. I walked off to the left, and a crew of guys were installing mini-bridges across the curb-edges at each driveway on one side of the street. The mini-bridges had connectors at each end, I think to allow the project to pump piped water above ground down that street while still allowing homeowners to use their driveways. Still don’t fully understand the Big Green Pump project.

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  1. Pooh says:

    Those driveway bridges are a great thing. Our street tear-up did not use them. We had planned a 3-day getaway for Presidents’ Day. On Friday night it looked like they were getting closer to our house. Mark and I debated, but I said, we can walk up the street with our bags, but being trapped in our driveway will make it hard to get to KC. I moved the car to a cross street. The next morning, at 7am, they were tearing into the street right in front of our driveway. Win for me, and our getaway trip!
    Months later, they were working their demo magic on another block. I was walking home from school, and watched a compact car try and negotiate their way out of the driveway with at least 6″ of drop-off. It was not pretty. Then they tried to turn in the less than lane wide ditch. I saw one of the bumpers get torn off.