Inflation index

Admittedly, I have only a teeny dataset, yet based on it I am proposing an index for inflation. It’s based on coins found on the ground in public areas (not by cash registers, silly, that’d be biased). The index is based on frequency of finds and value of the coins, I guess divided by the time spent looking. Plus, consider change over time. Change…heh.

This past week’s data: two quarters in four days. That’s frequent, considering I spent less than five hours outdoors in the last week.

When I was a kid, we found more returnable bottles than coins. Two cents? I can’t remember what we got for them. And, if we found a coin, it was almost always a penny. However, I didn’t spend much time on sidewalks, and rural roads are still not places to find coins, even today, I’m pretty sure.

Conclusion: inflation.

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