Morass, and more

We pushed south from get-up in central Indiana, keeping an eye on the leaf colors. This is northern Kentucky. It’s got some elevation, and I think that’s why the color has developed this far.

This is also a bit elevated, and definitely farther south, in central Tennessee. I think the overcast has heightened the colors somehow in the color processing. Call it even a bit fake.

Something for you to ponder, those photo algorithms. I think the new 15 camera’s overly push the saturation, compared to standing there, at least with my eyeballs. The second photo was standing there; the first was through the windshield, then color corrected for the window tint. Overall, it sounds like I stepped into a visual morass. (tee hee)

I’ll have to give you the leaf-color report on ATL in the coming days. We were so busy dodging the usual urban traffic snarls, bumped up by Pride weekend activities, that I didn’t adequately take in my non-traffic environment.

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