Marmite memory

For no reason I can fathom, this afternoon I was thinking about this meal, a fabulous (understatement) fish stew called Marmite du Pêcheur. It’s a specialty at harbor-side restaurants of Marseille, and is traditionally served with a side of mustard (in shadow, foreground), shreds of hard cheese, and little rounds of bread to help sop up the liquid. I don’t remember what the beverage was, other than it had lots of mint (far right).

I don’t usually have graphic food memories years later, and all I can figure is that it’s an artifact of this crud I’ve had for the last three days…a sore-throat cold. I guess I could have fessed up to the crud in yesterday’s bug report.

By the way, we had the lovely luncheon on 26 February 2018, so almost exactly six years ago.

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