Vulture grease?


Yellow stargrass (Hypoxis hirsuta) at trailside, yesterday.

Random bits from the web:

Whoever desires to have their hair grow a lot and to make the head smell very good, should get used to combing the hair, with vulture grease, in the sun. (Find more hygenic comments here.)

Here’s an innovative and well-crafted website about an important 8000-10,000 year-old archaeological site in south-central Turkey named Çatalhöyük. The buildings on this site are similar to the Puebloan housing blocks in southwestern North America.

Archaeologists consider it unethical and unprofessional to buy and sell artifacts, much as physicians would not buy and sell livers or kidneys. But what is subsistence looting? In poorer regions where finding an ancient pot or statue would mean immediate government control, the peasant farmer who unearths such an artifact might instead quickly sell it to a dealer to bring money so an impoverished family will to be able to eat. (Read more here.)

It is clear that 90% of humanity have subsisted on a 90% vegetarian diet. Modern carnivorous men and women are the exception not the rule. (Read more here.)

Archaeology is largely a field subject and, as part of your course, you can expect to be working out of doors for weeks on end, often away from proper housing and facilities. (Read on here.)

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