B’s Big Day

B.’s Big Day: Eighth Grade Graduation!

And, here is the moment. We loved her poise and gravity, we even sniffled a bit at one point. And, now, she’s off to High School!

I can’t sit here and not point out the creepy stuff, though. And those Catholics provide plenty. Note that the padre is handing out the document, the proof; it is from his hands she receives her legitimacy. Note that the principal stands off to the side, someone who is a teacher, who did have contact with this woman-child through her stay in this institution as part of her curriculum. Note also that the mic is staffed by two more women, who use their electrically-boosted voices to keep us all apprised of events at the front of the room, as those of us in the distant pews can’t see much. Note that even the statue on the wall is a woman, Mary, of course. And the stained glass, more Mary.

So, don’t let me get started on the male dominance symbolism, and well, okay, I quit here.

Still, they’ve prepped our gem well for her next stop on the academic trail….

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