Smerd lip stek

Once upon a time there was an extremely creative little girl. One of her favorite activities was to create characters—in stories, in drawings, and even in clay.

Now, she’s graduated from Newberry High, and, after a summer stint of nannying, she’ll be off to college to be a creative adult.

Today was her celebration party. We’re all so proud of our lovely L.


  1. kayak woman says:

    Love the creative/inventive spelling! In our archives (Lizard, then age 6) we have:

    ‘One day wen i came to school i was The first one thar but war was my techr’s hed it pop’d of like pop corne “hay” “chelse” “war’s” “the” “techr’s” “hed” “i” “don’t” “now” chelse sed “oh” “thar” “it” “is” “up” “thar” hung up thar ut oh i sed it came of.’

    Yes, all of those double-quotes were hers. Inventive quoting? 😉

  2. Sammy says:

    Ah, I’m sure my own early writings were nearly as creative, but none survive, as far as I know….

  3. Ruthette Mills says:

    OK, so where has the time gone? This little girl used to be muddy-faced and annoying; now she is a lovely woman. We are grateful to have friends like you who have been and are a part of her life.

  4. Sammy says:

    Yes, and the memory of how she was flavors how she is & we are all honored and amazed by her wonderfullness. We await the next chapter of L. life! And many hugs!