By the shores…

By the shores of Gitchee Gumee, The Anne and The Sam watched a storm pass by, blocking their view of our fair neighbor Canada. Then, after the rain had passed and the wind had abated, they grabbed towels and the shampoo, and had a lovely wave-tossed lake-bath!

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  1. Anne Regenstreif says:


    Sorry we missed you at the cabin! My beach read was “1421: When China Discovered the New World”, by Gavin somebody. (Not sure where the book is post-trip, and too lazy to google it right now, but you probably know his name already.) Have you read it? If so, what are your opinions about his thesis? Seems reasonable to me, even if he does supercede the explanation of my personal childhood archeaologist/explorer/hero, Thor Heyerdahl. Indiana Jones was only fiction, but T.H. rode a raft to Easter Island!

    (The other Anne, from the udder university. 😉 !)