The Day

Each summer when I’m staying at the Green Cottage, I await The Day, the morning when the meteorological conditions conspire to leave heavy dew on the orchard grasses, with a bright sunrise. I try and arise and view the spectacle camera in hand (or stuck to my face!), and obtain at least a few photos, because the potential for an outstanding one is high. The dew outlines the spider webs and the asparagus tops, not to mention the grasses, all in all creating a breathtaking perspective to the east.

This image gives some idea of how dramatic the backlit dew can be, and of the brilliant pink blotches the sweet pea blooms provide.

So The Day was yesterday. Today has been a total surprise, meteorologically! We awoke before five to a fresh breeze from the south and west, the vanguard for a coming rainstorm, that after blowing and blustering, has brought us, for now, an all-day rain—the kind that when I was little would have had all us kids banished to the front porch with decks of cards and stacks of board games and puzzles, told to keep ourselves occupied while the door remained closed!

Apologies for entries referring to the day before—hazards of travel and irregular access to the internet…. This should change soon!


  1. kayak woman says:

    Mouse and I read this in the Okemos Panera Bread — we are on a yarn shopping trip. We discussed whether the pic was asparagus or pine needles. I guess I had not *read* the entry carefully. She caught it. Took Holt Rd. from M52 over here instead of the freeway. Beautiful drive.

  2. Sammy says:

    This is a tricky species, and does attempt to masquerade as other species, perhaps in some ways resembling the plant version of a cowbird. Anyway, a nameless very helpful and supportive someone, when sent to the great out of doors for some chives, came back with a few carefully harvested frond-tips like this, lacking spiderwebs.
    Oh, and we haven’t hit the Okemos Panera yet, but have the one at Frandor. Yea, Panera! Free wireless! Yummy sandwiches!