Recommended reading

One of Atlanta’s many nicknames is Gate City, as in the gates to a better life (with Biblical overtones to many ears, I’m sure), and Rebecca chose to refer to that name in the title of—ta-dah!—her new book, Rage in the Gate City, available at your local independent bookseller, and, of course, from Amazon.

The book’s coming out party was tonight, at the Margaret Mitchell house (where she lived in an apartment when she authored GWTW—it’s rarely written out in these parts), in Midtown Atlanta. Rebecca’s book is about riots—lynchings and beatings and other violations of civil rights—committed against Blacks in Atlanta by Whites in late summer and fall 1906. R tells of the horrors with the deft hand of a seasoned journalist, and will be in the forefront, along with many others, in events scheduled to commemorate and remind us of the poison of divisiveness we humans can be so deft at generating (viz. current events in southwest Asia, southeast Asia, portions of Africa and South America, hrrumph).

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