Fairlane 500

People treat cars differently down here than in the Midwest. You rarely see vehicles parked on the side of the road with a for sale sign in them. I don’t know if Southerners think it’s tacky, or they traditionally just do trade-ins.

You also tend not to see many shiny old cars that are the apple of someone’s eye. I found this Fairlane irresistible. It is probably no accident that it is black with red accents, as the premier Georgia university, the, duh, University of Georgia, is the home of the red and black. And the Red and Black is the student paper, cynically referred to as the Rude and Bleak. FYI.


  1. mouse's moom says:

    Kee-reist! I think I used to drive one of those for a while!!! I think it was a bit later model and it was my grandparents’. Grandaddy died at 80 and somewhere between 80 and 85, Grandma got into a fender-bender with it and they took her license away. Eventually we ended up with it and I got into my one and only (knock on wood, bigtime) accident with it, at age 17, involving glare ice and another person driving left of center. His fault. Judge said.

    Well, and then there was the time that I backed it into the fence down by the pond at the turn of the cabin road. The parents were totally flummoxed about the scrapes on the back tail-light and even called the police. Who knew NOTHING, of course 😉 Years later, I blahgged about that and my brother immediately emailed me and said, “they always blamed *me* about that!” I dunno why since he was a few years away from a driver’s license when it happened. Somebody’s memory was not quite up to snuff 🙂

  2. Sammy says:

    Ah, the joys of exploiting brother blame when you’re the older sister!

  3. mouse's moom says:

    hee hee hee you might actually know about that kind of stuff, wouldn’t you? 😉