Downtown Okolona

(See yesterday’s entry.) Now, this is a quintessential Ohio visual. And on such a gorgeous fall day!


  1. kayak woman says:

    A few years back, Liz and I went on a trip with some of her friends and their parents to visit colleges in Ohio — small, private, expensive liberal arts colleges, natch 😉

    My only previous experiences with Ohio were shooting down through it as fast as possible on the I75 SUV Speedway and I was pretty amazed at how pretty it was where we were traveling. Rolling hills with lots of *good* two-lane highways.

  2. mouse's moom says:

    I am such an idiot that I originally and inadvertently tried to post this under the dreaded (dun dun dun) Kayak Woman moniker. Don’t bother dreding that up outta akismet. I’ll just redo it… 🙂

    A bunch of years ago, I went off on a college trip boondoggle with Liz and a couple of her friends and various parental units. We were checking into colleges in Ohio, the private, liberal arts, EXPENSIVE kind of colleges. My main previous experiences with O-haaaa-o (sorry) had involved shooting through it AFAP in order to get somewhere else. Florida (in-laws) usually. On that college trip, I was amazed at how beautiful the 2-lane highways were. Rolling hills and *beautiful* paved roads.

    As you know, Liz ended up at Kalamazoo and so did Mouse, the younger kid. And someday we’ll be outta debt again. But that was great trip and I loved Ohio.

    Love you.