Elevation change!

I must include a micro shot: this is pitch from a pine that fell across the trail.

Today’s selection: a trail going either up (first) or down (on return), with virtually no straight and even. Really. You’d think: mountains…well, yes, that’s how it is, elevation change should be the norm. Well, today we experienced it intensely. Over two-thousand feet in 3.75 miles (if you believe the GPS), mostly through beautiful ponderosas and other evergreens, although sometimes the small-plant carpet underneath included healthy stands of poison ivy…. But, we’re tough transplanted Midwesterners, so we persevered, even along steep switchbacks. The most treacherous places were the spots where the oak leaves (and one stray maple’s glowing red leaves) blanketed the path…. Did see one squirrel…where are the thousands of others?

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