…Jiggety jog

Since the WOW new Apple Phone Plus Everything (no link ’cause the site’s swamped) won’t be available until this summer, I’m digging into the past, recommending instead you visit Michigan State’s on-line archive of old American cookbooks and 3D images of antique cooking implements, which begin (alphabetically) with the aebelskiver pan, a specialized cast iron cook-pan. Download a cookbook and think about how things USED TO BE, including this 1857 title….

Please pardon me for the hiatus over the last few days—too busy, too overwhelmed, and too distracted to bring my attention to bear on this lil’ ol’ blahg. Now I’m back to reading about Intermediate Elites (thank you, Bob!) and ceramic exchange territories (sorry, not available unless you have top-secret clearance!) and otherwise trying to remember what my life was like back here in ol’ ATL. Weather’s great; glad to be home….

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