Talented canines?

I’m keep looking for the bicycle-riding dogs, advertised here as regulars at the new track at Piedmont Park, but I keep seeing just the normal ones, mostly reasonably well-behaved, and mostly doing a good job of their primary role lending their owners and those who want to meet them a conversational opening. It’s better than the bar scene, after all!

One comment

  1. mouse's moom says:

    It’s odd that I actually read the “vehicles bicycle riding dogs” part of the sign and didn’t even *see* the huge NO at the top. And I came to more or less the same conclusion as you did. Perhaps they should change it to:

    No vehicles
    No bicycles
    No dogs

    Or just use the words “vehicles,” “bicycles,” and “dogs” with one of those big red “NO” symbols (like old Nosmo King) over the words.

    I don’t mind dogs being in my park at all. Except for the ones that the owners clearly have no control over or aren’t paying attention to because they’re so busy gossiping. One time, I was talking to some neighbors and two huge golden retrievers came flying up behind me at top speed and bashed right into my legs. I fell on top of them. I was not hurt, there was about a foot of soft snow on the ground. But, sheesh!