Avocado’s number

We’re still awaiting our neighborhood Trader Joe’s—or in this case: José’s (the latest we’ve heard is: not ’til March!), so we had to trek up to Sandy Springs to get our fix of chocolate and wine and other goodies. This label is John’s current “house” favorite, special for all you physics specialists ;)….


  1. Pooh says:

    Just the thing for Mole Day celebrations! Dave’s HS Chemistry teacher has a big celebration on October 23rd, starting at 6:02 am. Two years ago, she invited the students to come to school early, and said they’d be able to “blow stuff up”. She did demonstrate some exothermic reactions. (Unfortunately, I can’t remember what she combined) What the kids got to blow up, though, was balloons – to a volume of 22.4 liters – the volume of a mole of gas under STP conditions.

  2. Sammy says:

    I could use some STP conditions—can’t seem to get warm today! Thought I might be coming down with something last night, yet felt pretty good this AM, but maybe I’m wrong! Actually, the winter’s been too warm, so that some hyacinths and iris are blooming.

  3. mouse's moom says:

    Cold and rainy here at Houghton Lake. No snow and *very* foggy on the way up. Val, my personal weather station had some interesting things to say about the weather last on my blahg, I think it was when I posted the summer-like pics of the beach.

    I’ll have to test out that Trader Joe guac since jcb gives it the a-okay. The $1.50 a piece avocados are too unpredictable around here at this time of year and my personal guac maker is out on the left coast anyway. She brought avocados from the Berkeley Bowl (if I spelled Bowl right) in her backpack at xmas.

    Stay warm, Sam, and if you are coming down with something, I hope it’s one of those mild little viruses that don’t make you too sick but just sick enough to excuse yourself from life as usual for a few days.