Helicopter season


As I understand it, the natural woods around here had no maples (and thus this season lacked maple syrup), but we do see some planted in yards and parks. Oh, glorious spring to yield so many helicopters!


  1. Pooh says:

    WOW! Are they red or RED! The ones we have here are green or tan. Those look like the kind that you can stick on your nose. Great for embarassing husbands, children, sisters, anyone around you w/o enough self-esteem to do it themselves.(Split the seed end open, and there’s usually enough sticky residue to attach the halves to your proboscis.)

  2. Sammy says:

    Ah, sticky plant part fun…working in rural Mexico, a young woman taught me that the lozenge-shaped tiny fruit of a type of barrel cactus, also bright red, can be carefully extracted from between the spines, and the base will be sticky enough to adhere to your earlobe, making an earring of sorts—perfect for little girls with wild imaginations!
    And, BTW, I found the red a surprise also!