Big Day!


JCB’s b-day, one of those zero years. I slightly modified the richest of today’s (!) NYTimes brownie recipes as the requested cake substitute.

For reflections, see bloggage by JCB himself, and recollections at

Today’s vocabulary:


political (originally communist) propaganda, esp. in art or literature, from Russian: a blend of agitatsiya (agitation) and propaganda


  1. jcburns says:

    Sammy, your brownies were wonderful. But beyond that, your spirit that permeated all that went into making it a special 50th (there, I said it) birthday was amazing and truly appreciated.

    Thanks, my dear.

  2. mouse's moom says:

    Sheesh, I have been in over my head. Bouncing back and forth from photoshop to illustrator to flash. In honor of the guru’s birthday maybe?

    In Siberia for the weekend. Gonna get my nose outta this electronical beast and go brave the strong winds for a walk.

    50 was my best year ever! I’ll go over and post a comment on positivelyatlanta too!