The Globe


Against our normal pattern of avoiding dining out on Fridays and Saturdays, we visited Atlanta’s The Globe for the first time, enjoying a range of dishes. This chair watched over us as we walked from the parking garage to the restaurant.

I’ve spent many afternoons and evenings, back in the day, at a different Globe, a bar in Athens (and, yes, I know John S, pictured on that link). For years, we would stop in for Friday-fest, and enjoy the popcorn and peanuts (when the machines were working). Now, I think the current version of the Friday-group meets at another establishment, a bit cleaner one….

The bar-folk at the Globe in Athens used to be famous for turning up the lights at closing time (when they had to empty the place or risk fines), climbing on the bar, and screaming “Get the eff out of here!”

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