So, the Guru went to SF and all I got was this fine t-shirt. Text reads: Eat. Sleep. Code.

Geek humor.

I used to wear t-shirts all the time, and had two collections, one optimized for working (usually white or close to it), and one set of “nice” ones. Most had writin’ on ’em, and they noted and advertised a huge range of businesses and ideas, but mostly not musical groups.

I had a couple that I loved for winter wear beneath flannels that were from an ill-conceived promotion for horse-racing in VA—the horses were running the wrong way (if you were sitting in the stands). Or so I was told.

So, they were rejected for the promotion, and via some circuitous path, I ended up with a couple. Like I said, perfect!

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  1. mouse's moom says:

    I lived in YAG tshirts for years. Oversized ones. Extra large, anyone? I don’t know what made me decide it but suddenly I felt like an old frump. So I switched to Chicos tank tops that actually fit, more or less. I probably still look like an old frump 🙂

    I still have one from Taming of the Shrew. Black with neon pink and green poster graphic. Holes under the arms. Extra large or maybe XXL. I wear it when I know no one will come to the door.