Not an iPhone.

Living in a cell-phone-less household, I’ve been able to avoid learning about the boring intricacies (intrigue?) of calling plans. However, this week I’ve been checking out the soon-to-be-available iPhone to keep up with some of what the Guru’s talking about (since Leopard and Cocoa are way beyond my knowledge base, I thought I’d pay attention to the iPhone).

I’m struck by the basic offering: 5000 night minutes. Wow! I thought; that sounds like a lot! With the 450 daytime minutes, that means about three hours PER DAY. Plus a modest pot of text messages (do just sent ones count or both sent and received?—see: intrigue!).

Makes my ear hurt!

[I promise I wrote this before the Guru posted his entry.]


  1. mouse's moom says:

    The iPhone is seeming more and more like smoke and mirrors. I hope the GG doesn’t get serious about buying them. He lost his phone in February (using an *old* one of Mouse’s) and mine works like crap. Karen had to *text* message me last night to get thru.

    I am really disappointed that service is through AT&T.

  2. Pooh says:

    3 Hours per day! Who could possibly use all those minutes?

    A teenage boy at the cabin, who’s girlfriend is at home. Plus, add the fact that although we had asked Sprint to add roaming to all the phones, it was only on the original phone, not said lovestruck’s phone. Plus, half the calls at the cabin go through Michigan towers, the other half go through Ontario towers, so add international roaming. Plus, the first bill came while we were up at the cabin, so didn’t realize it in time to keep it from hitting a second month!

    Yes, I realize all the “plus”es are repetitive, but “plus” is what kept happening to our bill!

    However, since you don’t have teenagers, lovestruck or otherwise, this doesn’t apply to you.

  3. mouse's moom says:

    Yeah, actually, as I think I told Sam in an email message sometime recently, the only times we have been hit hard by extra minute or roaming charges have been *my* fault. Like when my brother died and I was driving all over the state and calling everywhere. The kids have rarely gone over and when they have, it was because of some strange roaming situation.

    But my kids are weird. 🙂

  4. Sammy says:

    So, it sounds like total minutes are touted because that isn’t a big cost to the provider. Instead, they make the big bucks by 1) locking customers into a longish contract; and 2) getting fat-fat-fat roaming charges. Makes me happy to use skype & a payphone (with onesuite) & the like. Still.

  5. mouse's moom says:

    Except that the last time I had a need for a payphone, I couldn’t find one. My cell phone (old one) had totally died and my old van’s brake light kept coming on. Turned out the car just needed fluid though and I made it home just fine.

  6. Pooh says:

    Um, that should be “whose girlfriend” not “who’s” in my previous comment. What would the grammar police think!

  7. Sammy says:

    Good thing the grammar police are so busy, well, I guess reading newspaper copy….