Where have all the cisterns gone?

Am I the only one that has the DoubleClick opt-out cookie, so that less data can be collected about me (or someone using my browser)?

[Here’s the opt-out link, and you can read about it here, or a bit about the company in Wikipedia.]

I comb my cookies regularly, and delete all but essentials. I guess I deceive myself, however, that I’m doing much to defeat the data-collectors.

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  1. mouse's moom says:

    I gotta get up off the beach and go do laundry so I didn’t take the time to read about double-click. What I hate is when I go to people’s blogs (and other pages) and there’s so much blasted extra crap on the page (google analytics, etc.) that they take *forever* to load. Especially when I’m on dial-up (which I am not at the moment).

    Well, grump grump grump. Maybe I should research this topic just a bit and make my own blahg…

    Beach day. Maybe. Too early to tell. Laundry first.