Pod plant


Sometimes I just don’t take the time to suss out the name of a plant I photograph, and this is one. It’s just up the street, I tell myself, so I can check it out anytime.


  1. Pooh says:


    I think this is called Japanese Lantern. No idea what the scientific name might be.
    Does the plant have large yellow flower bursts? To me they look like fireworks. In the fall the seed pods turn orange. (Or brown, if it’s a dry year.)

    I’m back from 3 great weeks at the cabin, so haven’t been checking the blogs. Did you arrange the ants in the semi-circle, or did you put something out to make them cluster? We had an ant invasion in early May – they came in after a big rainstorm, and just before my folks came down for Dan’s Senior Art Show. They were even in the sugar canister. Gross and double gross, b/c my mom was in the kitchen with me then.

  2. Sammy says:

    Ah, thanks for ID, Pooh. Will look further when I have more time while on broadband. As to ants, they were enjoying a pool of poison. Bad for my karma footprint, I’m sure, but sometimes we consciously choose bad karma.