Critter sightings


Here in the Northland, we’ve been greeted by various species of wildlife. Two fawns came gingerly through the backyard. We saw a woodchuck considering crossing the road over near Curtis. We’ve seen Canada geese here and there. Same with seagulls, robins, cardinals, and assorted other birds. In the lake we saw minnows, but no leeches (thankfully).

Without a doubt the most exciting critter sighting was the bat that appeared in the bedroom about seven the other morning. A bat’s better than coffee to get your blood flowing and your brain percolating as the sun rises! I’d been awake for a while reading, so if s/he had been there, s/he had been absolutely quiet. I have no idea where they’re getting in; each year for the last three years we’ve had one visit.

John, enjoying pre-coffee morning ablutions downstairs, flew up the stairs after I screeched, to find me crouched near the floor (it’s a low-ceilinged room), as the bat tried perching on different walls. The Guru saved me, getting a paper grocery bag and gently capturing the bat without harming it, carrying it carefully outside, where it took off into the early morning sky, probably saying to him/herself, well, I’ll try somewhere quieter to nap the day away!

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  1. mouse's moom says:

    We had a bat in our house once, which traveled in on some firewood. *love* the pic of the fawn!