Beach fire

Last night after a fine potluck meal (the first maize from the Provider’s garden, the first applesauce from the old orchard—thanks Cousin M), we adjourned to the beach donning sweatshirts (most of us) along the way and pulled up chairs around the first beach fire of the season for me. Finally, the hot weather is abating and we are back to the typical summer UP evenings, when it gets cold enough that you want more than a t-shirt when you sit outdoors after sundown and listen and tell stories and laugh.

Laurel and her friend Rachel sang a cappella for us all. They started with “Me and Bobby McGee”—excellent and very moving! I think Janis would have loved their rendition!

Technical info: JCB just introduced me to MarsEdit for composing my blog texts, so I can avoid directly using WordPress, which had been giving me fits. So far, I’m loving it. Recommended!

Today’s vocabulary:


a fast-moving brownish insect, a type of bristletail, that frequents warm places indoors (thank you Apple Dictionary)

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  1. mouse's moom says:

    good times! I miss the Yoop but I’ll be back up there Monday night, flight schedules permitting.