Rain day

Yesterday we could see the changing of the seasons in the drying of the grass and the yellowing of the maples.

This morning we’re full into fall rains, a huge seasonal jump, with no chance of painting, or at least of the paint drying very quickly.

Rain days acquired a special twist for me when I started doing CRM fieldwork. As a kid, here at the cottage, they’d been days with long convoluted card games (War was a favorite), or 500-piece puzzles on several card tables at once. This changed, as with so many things, as I entered the work-a-day world. On some jobs I didn’t get paid for rain days. And I might or might not have access to wheels. And I was probably in some dull, boring town, or where I’d already explored the even mildly entertaining parts. Living with people I already knew too well. And having already finished all my novels. Twice.

This rain day means I could work on cleaning mouse droppings from various cabinets I’ve been avoiding (ick), begin making lists for the exodus (whenever that will be), or read a novel or Mann’s “1491.” Commensurate with the cool temps and grey skies, on this rain day, I’m making split pea soup with barley and Minnesota cultivated wild rice.

The Night Manager by John le Carré

le Carré’s plots are always outstanding, but I think people often overlook his superb ideas and turns of phrase. For example (Ch. 24):

So Jonathan had retreated into his own thoughts. He had long been aware that he was one of those people who are condemned to think concurrently rather than consecutively. For instance, he was comparing the greens of the jungle with the greens of Ireland and reckoning that the jungle beat Ireland into a cocked hat.

I’ve not encountered that idea: concurrent vs consecutive thought patterns. I like it though. I do both though, I think, so is there another type?

Later update (before driving off to post)

The sun broke out just after 1pm, and maybe the humidity will drop enough for more (sigh) painting.

PS Tasty pea soup for lunch, especially with a few crumbs of bacon simmered in.

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