We’ve hit a wall—or maybe our number can only be transferred during normal weekday business hours. Here we sit with a wonderful iPhone, but only outgoing capabilities. Or maybe that’s actually a good thing!

And what’s with charging us a penny (still, charging us!) for the fancy one-on-one tutoring we got with the phone?

Still, we forge ahead on getting the piles of mail off the dining room table—the obviously important stuff is being processed, and the obviously junque is en route to the garbage, but what’s left is the ambiguous material. Which is not insignificant. Actually, most of it’s junque, too, but you can’t tell until you go to the trouble of opening and reading it.


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  1. mouse's moom says:

    It is a *good* thing to not give out your phone number. But I am doing it more and more and some time I’ll tell you all about my *very* interesting week. But not on the Internet. 🙂

    I think charging you a blasted penny for tutoring is absolutely ridiculous! It’s probably some stupid law, rule, or “company policy” that has to be followed. I can’t figger what Apple thinks it’s doing with all this scary MS-like corporate-speak stuff. Anyway, I didn’t get no stinkin’ tutorial and I prob’ly dunno everything about my iPhone but it ain’t all that hard to figger out.

    And I think I wrote you this before (can’t remember because of total chaos around here) but my recommendation about vacation piles of mail is to open it over the recycle bin (or wastebasket or fireplace or bonfire or whatever you use to get rid of trash 😉 One of those letter openers helps too. Rrrrrrippp. ka-foosh. Rrrrrippp. Ka-foosh. I’ll bet you need about 2% of the paper that has accumulated on your table. (I do know that you have to scrutinize a certain percentage of it.)