Fanless & silent

I’m not the techno-person my husband is, but I have to admit I think our new Prius is a fun machine. And it drives well!

Now, more on this new needy-kid-laptop (by David Pogue, NYT) suggests I might find it fun, too.*

After all, it’s fanless (I’m sure they mean the kind with blades), you can dump a drink on it, and it’s name is XO, which in my personal symbolic dictionary relates to hugs and kisses. All fine things!

What may put me off was Pogue’s comment that “the membrane-sealed, spillproof keyboard is too small for touch-typing by an adult.” Whaaaa?

Then I looked at the picture, and it seems entirely serviceable for my hands.

Besides, have you heard of anyone who’s thrown away their cell phone ’cause the keys are too small (for either dialing or texting)? And some of them have teeny keys!


Oh, here’s the link to order yours—and one to be shipped out. The program lasts for two weeks in November beginning the 12th.

* Plus Pogue explains the $200 each cost (discussed previously), which would drop if production ramped up, although probably not to the $100 levels that promoters long touted—I guess before they really looked at their financial statements, or maybe it was just a strategy to talk up the product by talking down the prices (I hope not).

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