Conversation pieces

Feathers are gorgeous; no wonder they’ve been used for millennia by people for adornment.

Probably I’m too cynical too much of the time, but tell me, there’re objects placed in rooms, like living rooms, by designers and those who fancy themselves as designers, which are called “conversation pieces.” Now tell me, have you ever conversed about one of these conversation pieces? C’mon, without sarcasm. Truly?

I subscribe to the standard Midwestern terminology—“dust catcher,” which makes far more sense.

My kinda conversation piece…

An estimated 25% of the nation’s baking soda is used as antacid for livestock.

That’s from a web site that seems legitimate, but maybe not (here’s the book he’s citing from…). I assume he means the non-organic livestock biz.

Oooh. Lemme get back to Michael Pollan’s Omnivore’s Dilemma, where I’m sure I’ll find out more scary stuff about the food I have been merrily eating, which will spur me to make some changes in my diet, which means I’ll have to read more labels at the groc store or even contemplate finding a sunny space for a veggie garden (tough on our lot).

…’cause reading’s more fun than cleaning dust catchers!

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