Knights night

…in which, after enjoying the taste-sensation of goat cheese and pomegranate seeds (Punica granatum) on water crackers as an appetizer, we head off to the local supper club for dinner (in Ann Arbor!).

…in which hilarity ensues!


  1. mouse's moom says:

    Gorgeous picture! 🙂

    btw: I’m gonna try to leave an identical comment under kayak woman just to test if akismet still bounces that or not. Don’t bother trying to release me if it does. Just an experiment!

  2. kayak woman says:

    testing the kayak woman handle here. Will akismet bounce me or not?

    Okay, I guess it wasn’t an identical comment after all…

  3. kayak woman says:

    Bwa ha ha! It worked! Yay! But this one won’t post because WordPress says I am posting comments to quickly and has commanded me to slow down. So I’ll let it sit for a while and *then* post it.

  4. Sammy says:

    Yeah, I guess they got the “kayak” bug eliminated! (Thankfully!)