Two realities

I suspect this is a basswood/American linden/Tilia spp.

There can be two visions of the same thing, one of people who have pure insight developed through spiritual pactice and one that is purely conventional. In these special cases—and these are rare, but important—both are true, both are reality. So there are two viewpoints, one common and one uncommon. The uncommon viewpoint is not considered history, because historians cannot record these things. But we cannot say that all such things are just the imagination of the Buddhist faithful. They can also be true.

—Dalai Lama *

Parse that, I suspect, and you will have gained a smidgen of Big Wisdom.

PS Bird’s in the oven; house smells great!

PPS Is that two versions of the same reality?

* Quote is from page 5 of Thomas Laird’s The Story of Tibet: Conversations with the Dalai Lama (2006).

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