Cool! (OLPC)

So many topics today!

Number One has to be the machine above! Cool on every front! More later, I’m sure, as we find the time to dig around in its innards—which are quite transparent! My short take on the OLPC machine (yours for a small donation—really!) is that now I see why Bill Gates has so much money! If this is all it costs to have a machine and have software unburdened by huge royalties, then I’m more than ready to move on. This machine is not a toy, it’s a tool, more powerful than many machines, and more portable, durable, better at just about anything you can name. Record music. Do a calculation. RSS. IM/Chatting. Share composition of a document. Powerful!

And, remember, you’ve gotten 2-two-dos for Four-Twenty-Something (that is, approximately $423, or $200 for each machine, and the remainder to ship yours to you!). Get yours here!

Next: Fun Xmas Party! But private, so I’ll move on, except to say that many people examined and loved the OLPC!

Third: I have true admiration for the statistical concept of average, and the insights it can give, but these figures from the WashPost on the financials of the average household here in the US have little resemblance to that of any I know that I’m staggered. Who do I know that spends $3600 a year on furniture and household equipment? This must mean a staggering number of households are spending oh so much more than my acquaintances do! Consumer credit average: about $21,500. Whew. Don’t think that high figure represents many (any?, no I can think of two…) of our friends, but spread across the nation with an average income of a smidge over $55K, not hard to see why we’re hearing so much about the credit crunch/squeeze/Problem!

Four: Big snow in Lower Michigan. Sorry, Kids, since it’s Sunday, no Snow Day from school.


  1. kayak woman says:

    3) We spend a lot of money but nowhere near $3600 on furniture 🙂 (haven’t read the article yet as I’m klutzing along here getting ready to go to school)

    4) That may be true but Ann Arbor and a whole bunch of other schools are off today. Side streets are generally not plowed yet. My Accord can navigate our street, the Civic might be iffy. Jeep? No prob. Oh, right now there is a little VW bug stuck out there. Neighbor’s daughter’s boyfriend, I think. 😆

  2. GG says:

    The ’puter is cool. The newer versions have a better reputation. I am asking G1G1 at about delivery of the donor ’puter to a teacher in Dakar. They said they will deliver only to the donor. What if the donor is a teacher in Dakar? I’ll let you know the answer.

  3. Sammy says:

    Luck with that and all other conundrums, GG!