Water substitute

Okay, the warm summery days are gone gone gone, and the rains have arrived. Maybe we’ll have a fairly normal winter from here out—with a semi-rainy season. Last winter we never had the rains, which is part of why our drinking water supplies are so low.

I think people don’t take this water situation seriously. I’m not overhearing people talk about it while walking on the street or shopping in stores and the like, but maybe I’m too much of a hermit to have an accurate radar on this.

So, to avoid water consumption, I’ve been upping my beer consumption (serious duty, here!), and this is a lovely bottle we had from our good friend “Mugs,” who has an importing system for Western brews. I can’t give details here, because I don’t want to compromise it/him.

So, to make a long story short, via Mugs we acquired this fine bottle, and, yes, the name is Moose Drool Brown Ale. I found the beer’s flavor superior to what the name suggests (at least to me!).


  1. Jay says:

    We just retreived our boy from the land of Moose Drool (actually he came to us). He says it has been cold enought to be looking for a more warming beverage lately. Keep conserving!

  2. anne-bananne's eldest says:

    that stuff is good!

  3. kayak woman says:

    Ah yes. The oldest. The one who can buy booze. And, as I said to the GG the other day, next summer, I’ll be able to send *Mouse* out to buy booze. Hopefully I won’t get confused and tell her to buy “Jim Crow,” like The Commander did when *I* was a young-looking 21.