Buffet sushi

This wonderful veggie sushi is by the Lovely L.

Buffet sushi is not my most favorite way of eating sushi (too much breading and rice and mayo-based goop for my taste), but Ru San’s, a chain that began here in good ol’ ATL over fifteen years ago, does a pretty good job.

We broke up our shopping expedition to lunch at a nearby Ru San’s and I was reminded of an observation I’d made several years back—the guys in the front of the open kitchen are Asian or Asian-American, but the guys farther back tend to be Latino (are they cheaper to hire? more available? what’s the deal?). One guy working today had a perfect Classic Maya profile!

Here’s the link I found with the most info on Ru San’s (after only a quick google), which doesn’t have a real corporate web page, just a stand-in I won’t even link to. Hmm. Business opportunity for my web-page-adept friends? No, must be a conscious management decision…perhaps to make them seem less, well, corporate, and like a chain?

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