Nature’s timelessness

I keep saying that the thing I am most happy I don’t have to experience about Northern winters is the slush/ice that piles up behind the tires on your vehicle and on your footwear. I think that’s still true.

Fortunately, the sun came out for a bit this morning to light up the new-fallen solid precip, and I could ignore the slush now hanging from the Prius, fresh from it’s 10K visit to the local Toy___ dealer….

By the way, that odd layer of branches in the right foreground is the Botanist slyly working against Mother Nature to retain extra moisture in the strawberry bed.


  1. kayak woman says:

    Yeah, I got home at like 9PM-something from the longest day on earth and I was dredging laptop computers out of my vee-hickle and we have this horribly wickedly slanted piece of concrete in our driveway that I was parked over and I slid and — no, I didn’t slide underneath the vee-hickle, thank the gods — a bit and whammed the fronts of the lower part of my legs (whaddya call those?). Ouch! Salt, anyone?

    Safe travels and say hello to the Derringer-Nalls.

  2. Pooh says:

    Umm, KW, could those be shins, ankles, feet, or big toes? You must have really hit hard!

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist. You know I love you.