No-hearts art

Distinctive ceiling of quarter-circle Robinson Atrium….

Sunny day…so we ducked our responsibilities and went over to the High Museum to see the Stieglitz women exhibition, which was very interesting indeed, although I would have been happy to see about four times as many pieces. I loved seeing pictures of the artists themselves—including of course Georgia O’Keefe—as it gives ever so much context (and we all know how archaeologists obsess over context!).

The atrium space is one of an iconic architectural detail (?), hence the photo above. But I also had to include a teeny sample of the art of the Stieglitz women….

JCB and I had a wee chat about photography then and now—now meaning digital. However many pictures you’ve taken lately, how much did you think about the vagaries of printing? That’s a whole set of variables I can ignore as a casual photographer….

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  1. Maureen says:

    But context is everything! Oh wait, my obsession is showing. Now after slacking off all week I need to do some work.