Currently, Atlanta’s version of the national (multinational, but not global?) economic slowdown can be difficult to discern. Here’s the old White Provision Company (mmm, meatpacking, aka slaughterhouse*), originally built in 1910 and now listed on the National Register, being transformed into mixed use: commercial space and housing units.

The building is not far from GA Tech, and college/university towns/neighborhoods seem somewhat insulated from this downturn.

Note, too, the rain (the iPhone camera’s really better than this example—crappy light). VGood! Yea! We’re especially happy that it swept in Leslie à la Mary Poppins (not really) via Amtrak’s Crescent route (here on the Amtrak site, and here on Wikipedia).

* And also, if you believe the White Provision building web site, the building hosted Brad Pitt and David Duchovny et al. for location shooting for Kalifornia (1993).

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