Oh, and…


Once again, I was reminded during Sunday’s hike that much as I enjoy examining fungi, lichen, and moss, I really know very little about them.

Yesterday’s hike in northwest Georgia should henceforth be known as the Rambutan Romp. The signature food (well, sorta) of the three intrepid participants was freeze-dried rambutan. John described the rambutan bits as resembling Amazon-box peanuts, although I think they have bit more flavor; for better or worse, they’re mostly carbs. We all were concerned, upon learning that the rambutans had been shelled and seeded by hand, that TJ’s is relying on child-labor to accomplish this (product of Thailand).

Also, I should confess this regarding yesterday’s outing: I fell in the creek during one of the maybe twenty crossings (remember, this was soon after a long rain). Brr. A bit bruised, but okay. Lots to laugh about, that!—and no pictures of that wet spring-sprawl, thankfully.

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