Quercus antigravitas*


This might well be the money shot, right after the trunk and branch bases swung free of the house, carefully and safely. We saw a slight amount of additional, let’s call it settling, that happened as the behemoth came off the house, but only about what I had expected.

Note that this accomplishment was preceded by HOURS of hard work by a crew of three which grew to seven, then became about five, including the operator of the 70-ton crane that did the heavy lifting—and lemme tell you, just getting the massive dual front axle machine parked in the proper position makes mall parking look like a frolic in the park!

The guys got the trunk parked next to the house, like a cadaver awaiting an autopsy, as dusk fell, in the last light of day. The fellow who did the aerial chainsaw work was an artist. We are lucky.

Tomorrow: the final removal. Firewood anyone?

* Points to F for this term….


  1. kayak woman says:

    Oh boy, that is a lot worse than our damage. Maybe you can get a turret or something out of it this time?

    Glad you guys are okay. Where were you when it happened and what kind of storm was it?

  2. Dogmomster says:

    OMG! Spectacular photo of an unfortunate happening! Nook just said to make it complete, we’d have to have a tree fall on OUR house. The catch is, the only way that could happen is if a Sikorsky Sky Crane *dropped* one on us…. 😉