Tree house


Hey, we were just talking about getting the gutters cleaned! Next time, let’s do it in a less dramatic way!

OR: How our plans for the next couple of weeks got changed….

PS We’re fine; our car was under the tree and appears to have only minor dents and is out from under. We’re waiting for a big crane to come for the tree removal.


  1. mouse says:

    Oh my gosh!! It’s contagious. I thought we were the only ones, but apparently it’s time to warn our friends and family members…

  2. kayak woman says:

    You have *got* to be kidding! Kee-reist!

    (Actually, I think I used that word the *last* time a tree fell on your house. At the time, it was one of my brother’s favorite words. 😉

  3. Sammy says:

    All kindsa things repeating. We’re fine. Chainsaws have been running intermittently. Chippers are noisy!

  4. GG says:


  5. manette says:

    Remodeling the old fashion way! Do you package and ship firewood?

    The trees have you tagged.

    Glad to hear you are alright. Were you both in the house when the “attack” occured?