The new grind


Escape Day Number 2 Report: talking, laughing, IKEA, Trader Joe’s, walk to/in the park.

Perhaps my biggest coup today was finding this pepper mill at IKEA—on sale! For $4.99 (plus tax)!

The info said it had a ceramic grinder, which is superior to steel ones. I had no idea. I took the risk and made the buy, and wow, it does a great job with a fine grind—just what I was looking for!

Yeah, I know it’s plastic, and kinda wacky-looking, but, hey, the grind is perfect!

I have a long history of having substandard or not-quite-right pepper grinders, so I’m tickled to have found this one! I may get several more, and spread the ground-pepper-love!

I’m late posting this because of 1) poor camera management, and 2) a bit of laziness. You see, I forgot the camera downstairs—the designated iPhoto computer’s upstairs—and it sometimes feels like such an effort to go through the zipwall airlocks at the top and bottom of the staircase…. So, I decided to wait until I had an additional reason to undertake the vertical trek (bathroom, food, hot tea, cold water?). Who am I kidding: it’s really just laziness!

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